Download Sony Xperia Home Launcher APK for All Devices

Download the latest Xperia Home Launcher APK from Sony, ported to work on all Android devices. Sony is one of those manufacturers who chose not extremely customize their software. Rather, they try to stick to the stock Android while providing a decent amount of customization options.

Previously, in the past, we had brought you the Sony Music Player, Sony Keyboard, and even all of the Sony Stock Apps. Today, we are bringing you the much sought after Sony Xperia Home Launcher APK. Read ahead to know more and download Xperia Home APK.


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Sony Xperia Home Launcher for All Devices

Below are a few screenshots of the Sony Xperia Home Launcher in action:

Download Sony Xperia Home APK for all Devices

To download the Sony Xperia Home App APK for all devices by clicking below:

Download Xperia Home APK

Install Sony Xperia Home APK for all Devices

You do not need root privilege to install this on your devices. All devices running Android 5.0 or higher are supported. Simply tap on the downloaded APK file to install it on your device.

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4 thoughts on “Download Sony Xperia Home Launcher APK for All Devices”

  1. I can’t install this Xperia launcher please give me a APK free download link I to my mail id – [Mod Edit: Personal Information Removed]

  2. Hi, I want to download the latest version xperia home apk ( Xperia home12.0.A.0.15) would you upload the latest version? Thank you.

  3. Thank you so so much for this. I had to move on to Samsung due to Sony no longer being available in my country but I never got over how much I love Sony including its scrolling wallpaper home app. So glad it’s still around. Also I think the latest version is 13. Any updates soon on this page?


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