About Us

Customization does not only mean changing the wallpaper and icon pack; it’s much, much more. Especially, when we are dealing with something as powerful and as flexible as Android, there are no limits. Though the options are not as diverse as Android, even iOS has come a long way in terms of flexibility to customize; we finally have widgets on iOS!

Every device is unique.

ThemeFoxx was created with a vision to provide the users with different and easy ways by which they can take control of your device, customize their device the way they desire. We believe that every phone is unique as it should be and the user has every right to make it unique.

ThemeFoxx offers a variety of content to the users. Here’s a glimpse of what ThemeFoxx offers:

Everyone should be able to customize their device as per their own will and need. Here, at ThemeFoxx, we write beginner-friendly help guides and provide resources that enable the user to make the most of their devices. Our mission is to enable every user to make their own device. And we will continue to give our best efforts in making that mission a reality.