Download Sony Xperia Stock Apps for All Devices

Sony has quite a fan following when it comes to their Android smartphones. There have been no big hits from the phone maker recently but still, people always look forward when a new Sony device is about to be announced. The reason is, the name the brand has earned over the years. Once of the reasons why people love Sony’s smartphones is their software. Unlike a few other manufacturers (Samsung, Huawei), Sony ships a much cleaner version of Android. Although it’s not quite clean as stock, it’s pretty close. Today, we are bringing you the Stock Sony Xperia Apps that can be installed on almost all the devices.

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[Requirements”]The requirements for this mod to work are pretty simple:

  • A Custom Recovery.
  • Android 6.0 and above.

Sony Xperia Stock Apps Mod

A total of 20 apps are available as of now, all credits to the XDA Senior Member ZawZaw. Below are a few screenshots of the apps that are available with this mod:

List of Apps Available With this Mod

Below is a complete list of apps that are available with this mod:

  1. Xperia Album
  2. Xperia Audio Recoder
  3. Xperia Calendar
  4. Xperia Clock
  5. Xperia Calculator
  6. Xperia Email
  7. Xperia Lifelog
  8. Xperia Movie Creator
  9. Xperia Music
  10. Xperia Music Visualizer
  11. Xperia Photo Analyzer
  12. Xperia PhotoEditor
  13. Xperia Sketch
  14. Xperia TrackID
  15. Xperia Video
  16. Xperia Weather
  17. Xperia Keyboard
  18. Xperia Home
  19. Xperia X Icon
  20. Xperia What’sNew

Download Sony Xperia Stock Apps for All Devices

All the 20 apps mentioned above are bundled into a zip file which should be flashed via a custom recovery, for example, TWRP. You can get the zip file by clicking below:

Sony Xperia Stock Apps

How to install Sony Xperia Stock Apps?

Follow the below steps to install the stock Sony Apps on your device:

  1. Copy the zip file which you have downloaded above to your phone’s memory.
  2. Switch off your device.
  3. Reboot into TWRP Recovery.
  4. Tap on ‘Install’. Navigate to and select the downloaded zip file and flash the same.
  6. Reboot your device.
  7. Done!

If you need help with any of steps above, do drop a comment below!

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