Download Latest Moto Display APK for All Motorola Devices

Motorola has made quite a name for itself in recent years. Especially with the Moto G lineup, the company has found some success in emerging markets. One of the unique things about Motorola phones is that their software stays as close to stock as possible. Even though the company has come under different ownerships in recent years, this one particular policy about keeping the software clean has not changed. They only add a handful of useful features to the stock Android. One such feature is the Moto Display.

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Moto Display

Moto Display is a custom app designed specifically for Motorola Devices to give useful information to the users. The beauty is, Moto Display displays the important notifications as soon as you pick up your phone. You don’t even have to unlock the phone to see the notifications, for example, a text message. You can view the complete contents and who sent the message without even having to unlock your phone. The date and time is always displayed by default. The latest version of Moto Display allows the users to reply to text messages without having to unlock the phone. Also, Motorola has changed the look of the moto display a little bit.

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Download Moto Display APK for all Motorola Devices

The latest version of Moto Display APK, which is available for download below, is obtained from the latest Moto X4. The app installs/works fine without any issues on any Motorola device running Android Nougat. As far as the other versions of Android are concerned, the results are unknown. Perhaps, give it a shot? You can download the latest Moto Display APK by clicking below:

Download APK

Install Moto Display APK on all Motorola Devices

You do not need root or a custom recovery for this app to work. This has been tested successfully on Moto Z, Moto G4 Plus and a few other phones running Android Nougat. Simply download the Moto Display APK file and install it as normal APK.

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