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One of the many things I like about Motorola phones is their software. They do not add unnecessary features in the name of customizing and slow down the overall experience. Rather, they keep the changes very minimal and the phone feels like you are using a Nexus (and now Pixel) device, at least, look wise. In this post, you can download Motorola Gallery App APK which we have extracted from the Moto phones.

This modified Motorola Gallery App works with all devices


Motorola sometimes does not include the gallery app in their own phones. Weird right? I have no idea why they do that. The Moto Gallery App APK we have can be installed on both Motorola and Non-Motorola devices.

Motorola Gallery App Features:

The Gallery app is very, very simple. There is not even a settings screen, it is that simple! There are three views available for you to choose:

  • Camera roll: All the photos that you take with your phone are displayed here.
  • Albums: Here, all the photos are grouped as albums (folders).
  • Videos: All the videos in your device are displayed here.

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The default view is ‘Albums’ view. You can create your own album and add photos to it. There are no sort options in sight. That’s pretty much about it.

Motorola Gallery App Screenshots:

Download Motorola Gallery App APK:

Click below to download the Moto Gallery App:


The app is very simple and does not offer a lot of customization which is perfect for someone looking for a simple, fast gallery app that just works.

Download, install and test it. Let us know what you liked/disliked about the app!

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