Download Windows 10 Stock Wallpapers in HD Resolution

I think we can all agree that Windows is the most popular Operating System in the world, as far as Desktop PCs are concerned. Windows has always been able to maintain the monopoly on the Desktop space. I still remember my old PC running Windows XP. Microsoft Windows has come a long way since then, no doubt about that. I have tried using Linux but it doesn’t fit all the day to day requirement out of the box or at least that is what I feel. Never had a chance to try out Mac apart from a few very short moments with it here and there. All in all, Microsoft Windows has been the go to solution for me and the majority of the world, for a very long time. Recently, we brought you the Windows 10 Stock Ringtones and now, we have the Windows 10 Stock Wallpapers available for you to download.

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Windows 10 Stock Wallpapers Details

Microsoft has been known to pack some colorful wallpapers in all its version of Windows so far. We all remember the iconic green meadows Windows XP desktop wallpaper from back in the days. In Windows 10, we have a total of 14 wallpapers so far. Out of which 12 wallpapers are of 1920 x 1200 pixels of resolution and then there are two images of 3840 x 1200 pixels resolution. Some wallpapers are made of abstract designs and the rest are of beautiful flower wallpapers.

Download Windows 10 Stock Wallpapers

You can download the complete collection of Windows 10 Stock Wallpapers by clicking below: Download Wallpapers

Windows 10 Stock Wallpapers

In case you wish to download the wallpapers one by one, here they are: To download the wallpaper in full resolution, please right click on the image and tap on open the image in new tab and then save it to your device.

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  1. These are the wallpapers of Windows 8.1, not Windows 10. Just check your Windows 10 install and you won’t see any of these backgrounds present


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