Download Google Sans Font | Product Sans Google Logo Font

Looking for the Google Sans Font used on Google Logo? Here you can download the Google Sans Font a.k.a Product Sans Font in .ttf format for all devices.

Google has gone through some pretty great redesigning over the years. When times changes, it is one’s duty to change according to them. If you have been closely following the Google design language, it has changed quite a lot in the past few years. Google always puts the user experience first and it constantly evolves based on user feedback. It is staggering to see just how much even the simplest Google homepage has changed in the past years.


Fonts are one of the most important things about a UI. And if you are going putting it in front of millions of people every single day, in big fat letters, then you can imagine how important they are. Google has put a lot of effort into designing the Google Sans font. In this guide, we are bringing you the Product Sans font used in the Google logo, also called as Google Sans font, available for you to download.

Product Sans | Google Sans Font

As we discussed before if you are going to show the font in huge sized letters on the homepage of your website, just think about how important they are. And Google knows that extremely well. One look at the Google Sans Font and you know how elegant that actually is. Not only the Google homepage but Google uses this font pretty much everywhere on their products. Gmail, Google Play Store, Google Maps, you name it.

We were able to extract the Google Sans/Product Sans Font from the Android Pie firmware directly. There are 6 different versions of the font available for download.

  1. Google Sans Regular
  2. Google Sans Italic
  3. Google Sans Medium
  4. Google Sans Medium Italic
  5. Google Sans Bold
  6. Google Sans Bold Italic

You can see the preview of all the Google Sans font style below:


If you have noticed carefully, the only difference between the different styles is the font weight (and the italics style, of course). All the fonts are available in the standard .ttf format. If you own an Android device that lets you change to custom fonts, then you can make use of it too!

Please note that Google Sans/Product Sans is a proprietary font by Google. This means you cannot use these fonts for personal or commercial purposes without proper permissions form Google.

Download Google Sans Font

Here are all the fonts which are available for download:


You can get the latest version of Google Product Sans font by clicking below:

Download Google Sans Font
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