Download and Install 1500 Fonts On Galaxy Note 8 [No Root]

In this article, we will tell you how to change fonts on Samsung Galaxy Note 8. You do not need root to install and there is an exclusive collection of 1500+ fonts available for download!

With everyone using their phone pretty much all the time, it might actually get pretty boring to see the same look and design every single day. It is pretty much easy to change the lockscreen wallpapers, homescreen wallpaper, launcher, launcher setup and even icon packs. But, fonts are a tricky business. Not all devices allow changing the fonts. In fact, most of the devices in the market right now does not allow to change fonts without root. But, thankfully Samsung devices are an exception. Today, we will tell you how to change fonts on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 without root.


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Fonts for Galaxy Note 8

Like many other manufacturers, Samsung has also adapted to the trend and has introduced themes in its smartphones. You can change the look of the device completely. But the fonts available for Samsung devices are pretty limited and if I am not wrong, most of the good fonts are paid. Sad! Well, we will help you change that. With Wings Samsung Fonts, you have access to more than 1500 Samsung fonts and all of them are free. That’s right, 1500+ FREE Samsung fonts. These are some of the best fonts you can find for Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy Note8 and many other Samsung devices. Below are some screenshots:

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How to Install/Apply Fonts for Galaxy Note 8

Method 1: Without Substartum/Andromeda

  1. Download and install SamsungSans Font from Galaxy Apps: Download. It is a must to have this installed before proceeding. Without this font installed, the following steps will not work.
  2. Download and install any of this APK File: Wings XDA 968 Fonts – OREO.apk [You need to enable Unknown Sources option if you are prompted to, to install this APK file]
  3. Install ADB and Fastboot on your PC.
  4. On your Samsung device, go to Settings > About Phone > Software information. Tap on the Build number continuously until you a toast message saying Developer options have been enabled.
  5. Go to Settings > Developer options. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled.
  6. Reboot your Galaxy S9 and PC.
  7. Go to the folder where ADB and Fastboot are installed on your PC. Open a command prompt from inside the folder. To do this: Hold down Shift + Right Click > Select ‘Open command window here’ or ‘Open PowerShell window here’.
  8. Connect your Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ to your PC.
  9. On your computer, execute the following command on your command prompt:
    adb devices

    If this is your first time connecting your device to your PC with USB Debugging enabled, you will be prompted with ‘Allow USB Debugging?’. Tap on ‘Always allow from this computer’ and tap on OKAllow-USB-Debugging

  10. Next, execute the following command on your command prompt:
    adb shell

    Once you hit the Enter key, you will get the codename for your device (for example ‘star2lte’ is the codename for the Galaxy S9+. You will get a similar one for Note 8.).

  11. Next, execute the below command in command prompt:
    cmd overlay enable

    Please note that you may not need to pass all the above commands to your phone, simply pass the commands that are only required for the APK you install.

  12. It should look something similar to this:Free-Galaxy-S9-Fonts-Change-Fonts-8
  13. Go to Settings > Display > Screen zoom & font.
  14. Choose and apply the font you like!
  15. Done!

Method 2: With Substratum and Andromeda

Heads up: If you are going to use this method, you are going to need to apply fonts everytime you reboot the device. It is due to software limitation in Android Oreo. Don’t wanna do this? Follow the above method.

  1. Download and install the below two apps from Google Play Store:
  2. Download and install SamsungSans Font from Galaxy Apps: Download. It is a must to have this installed before proceeding. Without this font installed, the following steps will not work.
  3. Download & Install (latest) Wings Samsung Fonts_2.0d.apk.
  4. Open substratum & Install (multiple) Font package(s).
  5. Reboot your phone
  6. Enable the overlay(s): substratum -> Overlay Manager -> Select your overlay(s) & Press Enable Selected
  7. Go to Settings > Display > Screen zoom & font.
  8. Choose and apply the font you like!
  9. Done!

That’s all folks! You now have over 1900+ free Galaxy Note 8 fonts available to choose from. Please note that each font might be listed twice, this is a known error and something we may have to love with until it is fixed by the developer. You may also follow the original forum thread for more updates and support from the developer This is the easiest way to get free fonts for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

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  1. How come in ur screenshots all the fonts seem to be added to the device twice? If I download ur apk will my device show every font style twice in the list, giving me 3000 font titles to scroll thru, rather than just 1500 font listings?

  2. Im Using Samsing 8 Plus when i change the Font it Says Cant Use this Its Not Cometible And giving Option For delete Fonts

  3. I downloaded the fonts previously but since the update they no longer work. I 2ent to re-download but I didn’t see the wings Samsung 968 fonts. Does it not work anymore for the 8+?

  4. Works just fine on nougat but since the update, Not working anymore on note 8 running oreo. Is there any way to fix it?

  5. Working just fine before but now,after the update, not working anymore. Is there any way to solve this? My note 8 is running androod oreo.Thanks!

  6. ^^ Same issue, after updating my Note 8 to Oreo fonts stopped working.. Please help out… i cant live with default fonts… there must be some solution by now…

      • Hey Srivishnu!

        any idea when you may have some updated steps? I updated to Oreo a couple of weeks ago and I’m missing being able to change my font!

        -(im)patiently waiting! 😀

  7. 🙁 Can’t get this to work on Oreo. The normal fonts are BORING! Any update on how to get custom fonts, would be great!

  8. Thanks for the effort… but it does not work. Always the same old message: Font not supported…
    I have a Samsung Note 8 (SM-N950F) with Current version: N950FXXU3CRC1//N950FXXU3CRB9

  9. I was successfully installed the 968 apk & also got 1500 font styles but they are not at all supporting. I’m using samsung Note8 with Oreo os. Reply me a good solution for it
    Thank you

  10. I downloaded the app in mobile now m confused fonts r not working they r telling to contact customer provider how to apply plz let me know

  11. I have tried both methods and it does not work. It keeps saying this font is not supported. Contact the font provider. I have a Note 8 on Oreo.

  12. Hi I tried the first method, when I type in adb devices with my note 8 connected, it doesn’t recognize adb command. I have followed the instructions though didn’t get the prompting of my windows to allow opening my phone in debugging. Please help.

    Also is there a way to uninstall the fonts if I want to not do this? I have a huge list of fonts right now but none are available.

  13. Is there a way to keep the fonts on the phone so I dont have to reinstall everything after I reboot the phone or change a theme?

  14. When I click on the direct download link of the apk, it redirects me to the previous website. I can’t download the apk. Could you please post an apk link that works?


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