Download Google Pixel 6 Ringtones and Notification Tones

Here are all the Google Pixel 6 Ringtones, Notificaiton Tones, Alarm Tones that you can use on your device right now. There is a total of 250+ tones available in this package.

Google Pixel 6 and Google Pixel 6 Pro are set to launch this fall and we have already seen full resolution images of the phones. Usually, there are leaks of the phone ahead of the launch but Google went one step ahead and released the official press images of the phones in full resolution. Why should leakers have all the fun, right?

Pixel 6 Ringtones • Download Google Pixel 6 Ringtones and Notification Tones

We all know that Google Pixel 6 duo is expected to run Android 12 out of the box and Android 12 beta is already out for a bunch of devices. Thanks to these developments, we can now enjoy the Google Pixel 6 Ringtones in our devices even before the device actually launches.

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Download Google Pixel 6 Ringtones

There are two ways you can get the Google Pixel 6 Ringtones on your device. One is through an app and another is through a good old fashioned ringtones files zipped.

If your devices is running on Android 11+, I highly recommend downloading the below app to get all the Google Pixel 6 tones on your device:

File NameGoogle-Pixel-6-Ringtones.apk
File Size6 MB
RequirementsAndroid 11+

If your device is not running on Android 11 yet, you can grab the below zip file which contains all the Google Pixel 6 Tones.

File Size37.9 MB

Please note that the ZIP package does not contain 1 latest ringtone that the APK does. We will have to wait a little more to get the audio file of the ringtone. And when we do, we will update the article with the same.

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