Download 1000+ macOS Big Sur Icons (.icns & .png)

macOS Big Sur comes with a completely revamped user interface and that means new icons. It has been quite a while since Apple revamped the icons and this one takes a big leap in terms of design. All the system apps come with a completely new icon.

While some of the app makers have already updated their apps with app icons that match the new design philosophy, many are still yet to do it. While they will eventually get there, it could take quite for all of them to be updated.


But, that doesn’t mean we can’t take things into our own hands. You can now easily change or update the app icons in macOS Big Sur.

There are tons of macOS Big Sur icons out there already with more coming out every day. Today, we are bringing you 1000+ macOS Big Sur icons available for download as zip files.

macOS Big Sur Icons

While there are many resources of macOS Big Sur icons out there, is one of the largest databases of macOS icons. Thanks to designer elrumo‘s open source project, here we are bringing you 1000+ icons readily available for download.

Download macOS Big Sur Icons

The icons are available in both .icns format (which is used for macOS icons) and also as high-res PNG files (1024 x 1024).

macOS Big Sur Icons in .icns Format

To avoid huge file sizes and easier downloads, I have split the icons based on their starting letter. The icon file names have the app names and each zip file will have app icons that start with two or more letters. For example, icons (and app names) that start with A and B are clubbed together as a single file.

SetNames start withIconsSizeLink
SET 1A,B178110.62 MBDownload
SET 2C,D,E13393.52 MBDownload
SET 3F,G,H,I158106.17 MBDownload
SET 4J,K,L,M14093.64 MBDownload
SET 5N,O,P12286.36 MBDownload
SET 6Q,R,S142108.54 MBDownload
SET 7T,U,V11174.59 MBDownload
SET 8W,X,Y,Z5134.93 MBDownload

macOS Big Sur Icons in .png Format

You can also download the icons as high-resolution png files.

SetName starts withIconsSizeLink
SET 1A to L487175.25Download
SET 2M to Z445161.31Download

If you want to search for and download specific icons I highly recommend visiting

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