Download OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Edition Wallpapers, Live Wallpapers, Icon Pack, and Ringtones

OnePlus released the OnePlus 8T Cyberpunk 2077 Edition as a way to celebrate the imminent launch of the much-awaited game. The device comes with some customizations – both hardware and software-wise. The phone is exclusive to China and is not available outside of the country for purchase.

This does not mean we cannot enjoy the exclusive goodies that come with the device. Developer linuxct has managed to port the wallpapers and live wallpapers to other devices. That’s right, you can enjoy the all-new Cyberpunk 2077 live wallpaper on your device.


Live Wallpapers

In order to get the live wallpaper working on your device, you need to install the below two APK files on your device:

Once installed, look for an app called OnePlus Wallpaper Config on your phone. Open it and you will find multiple versions of the live wallpaper available. Choose the one you’d like and apply. There are 3 versions available:

  1. The original version – no modifications.
  2. A modified version which makes the wallpaper stop when the samurai logo is on.
  3. Another modified version which makes the animation longer.

Here’s a preview of the live wallpaper:


There are a total of 6 wallpapers available.

Here’s a preview of them:


There are only 10 special edition ringtones that comes with this phone. You can get them here:

Icon Pack

linuxct is so awesome, he even managed to port the icon packs to other devices.


There are two versions of it, one made for OnePlus phones, and another made for all other Android devices. You can get both of them here:

Magisk Module

Now, if you own an OnePlus device, XDA Member AndroPlus has made a neat Magisk module which will apply the following resources to your devices:

  • Bootanimation
  • Icon pack (Google services are not included as it’s targeted to China)
  • UI Sound
  • FOD animation (you have to run: adb shell settings put system op_custom_unlock_animation_style 11)

You can download the Magisk Module here:


Developers: linuxct, AndroPlus
Source: XDA, Android Police

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