Download iOS 16 Wallpapers in QHD Resolution

The Apple WWDC 2022 came with a ton of exciting new stuff and my favorite of all the announcements is the iOS 16. While some may feel like it is not a huge update, there are definitely a lot of things to be excited about.

One such thing is the all new, modern lock screen. Yes, the iOS 16 comes with a completely revamped lock screen that offers more control to the user on how they customize the lock screen to their needs.

iOS 16 Wallpapers • Download iOS 16 Wallpapers in QHD Resolution

And as always, a new iOS version means new wallpapers. Heck yeah! This time around there are not a lot of new wallpapers but the ones we got are absolutely stunning to say the least. Quality > quantity, am I right?

Apple iOS 16 Wallpapers

Here’s what you get in the Apple iOS 16 Wallpapers package:

File Size27.2 MB
Uploaded on07 June, 2022
Total Wallpapers2
Resolution3208 x 3208 Pixels
CategoryApple Wallpapers
iPhone iOS 16 Wallpaper Details

Apple iOS 16 Wallpaper Gallery

Here’s a little preview of the Apple iOS 16 wallpapers that you’re about to download.

Please note that the below images are of low quality and are for preview purposes only. Download the zip file for HQ stock wallpaper files.

Download iOS 16 Wallpapers

You can download the iOS 16 Stock Wallpapers by clicking below:

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