Download Game Of Thrones Wallpapers [1100 Wallpapers]

Game of Thrones is one of the best TV Shows in history. Grab these stunning Game of Thrones wallpapers and unleash the fan in you!

There are thousands of TV shows available today and more and more are being made every passing day. But not all of them attract the audience. Not all of them make the audience go crazy. Not all of them become cult classics. Not all of them make you fall in love. Only a very, very few do. One such TV show is Game of Thrones. While some TV Shows reach out very well in a certain geographical area, only a very few become a super hit worldwide. And Game of Thrones is one of them.


I mean, there is a huge fan following for just the title track of the show. I, for one, have never skipped the title inro. Ever. The next and final season of the show is just around the corner. April can’t come sooner! While we wait out for the epic final season of the show, we are bringing you the biggest collection of Game of Thrones Wallpapers!

Game of Thrones Wallpapers Collection

We are bringing you not 100 or 200, but 1100+ Game of Thrones wallpapers! These wallpapers are collected from various sources of the internet. I’ve been working on collection them since the past couple of weeks and now, I am ready to share it with the world.

Here are a few samples from the collection:

Note: These are low-quality previews of the actual wallpapers. The wallpapers in full resolution are in the downloads section below.

Download Game of Thrones Wallpapers

As I said before, there are a total of more than 1100 wallpapers and hence, providing them as single zip file would be bad idea as it might be tougher to download for people with slower data speeds. Hence, the downloads are spit into 8 zip files of around 80 MB each.

Below are the download links:

  1. | 78.4 MB | Download
  2. | 79.8 MB | Download
  3. | 80 MB | Download
  4. | 79.8 MB | Download
  5. | 80 MB | Download
  6. | 79.6 MB | Download
  7. | 79.5 MB | Download
  8. | 66.1 MB | Download

So, there you have it. The complete collection of Game of Thrones Wallpapers!

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