Download Galaxy S9 Wallpapers [19 Wallpapers]

Looking for the Galaxy S9 wallpapers? Get your hands on the Galaxy S9 Stock Wallpapers for your Android device right now! There has always been some sort of unknown buzz around stock wallpapers from Android devices. And when it comes to biggies like the Galaxy S9, the expectation always skyrockets. The Samsung Galaxy S9 and the Galaxy S9 Plus are finally official and we now have all our questions about the device answered. The highlight of the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9+ is the dual aperture setup on the primary rear camera sensor, which is capable of shooting at f/2.4 when there’s ample light but can switch to f/1.5 when the phone detects low-light conditions. The S9 is more of a refinement of the yester year’s flagship, the Galaxy S8, and S8 Plus. The only places where the Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus seem to differ are battery capacity, screen size, and camera. Samsung took a page out of Apple’s handbook and decided to keep the dual camera setup exclusive to the S9 Plus.

Galaxy S9 Stock Wallpapers

Whenever a new device is released, we try our best to bring you the stock wallpapers from the devices. Sometimes, we even bring you the wallpapers even before the actual device is released into the market. For example, last year, the complete collection of Galaxy S8 Wallpapers were available for download even before the actual device hit the stores. Don’t we just love leaks like this! The Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus feature a 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch display with a resolution of 1440 x 2960 Resolutions. all the wallpapers that come preloaded with the device are of 2560 X 2560 Pixels QHD+ Resolution.

Download Galaxy S9 Wallpapers

As the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus are already official, we are starting to see the first traces of wallpapers being leaked from the device. We now have a total of 3 Wallpapers in 1440 x 2960 Pixels QHD+ Resolution. You can download them by clicking below: Do check out our vast Stock Wallpaper collection:

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