Download iOS 11 MIUI Theme for All MIUI Devices

Download and install iOS 11 MIUI Theme (.mtz) on any MIUI device. Anyone who has used MIUI would know that it is nothing like the stock Android or the skins that other OEMs use on top of Android. It is more like iOS running on top of Android.

You can see great similarities between iOS and MIUI, be it any part of the OS – the lockscreen, the dialer, the notification, quick settings toggles, system UI. MIUI is one of the first flavors of Android to not use the famous ‘App Drawer’ concept.


Instead, all the apps are neatly laid all over the home screen much like iOS. Today, we are bringing you the iOS theme for your MIUI device, to make the transition complete. After installing this theme, your MIUI will look like iOS!

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iOS 11 MIUI Theme

Below are the highlights of the theme:

  • iOS 11 UI
  • iOS 11 Wallpapers
  • iOS 11 Icons
  • iOS 11 Style Quick Settings
  • iOS 11 Style Phone App
  • iOS 11 Style Messaging
  • iOS 11 Style Contacts
  • iOS 11 Style Settings
  • More!

Below are a few screenshots of the iOS 11 Samsung Theme in action:

Download iOS 11 Theme for All MIUI Devices

You can download the Android O theme for all Samsung devices by clicking below:

Install iOS 11 MIUI Theme

Follow the below steps to install Xiaomi Mi 6 Theme:

  1. Copy the downloaded iOS11.mtz file to your phone.
  2. Open the ‘Themes’ app.
  3. On the main page, tap on the ‘Offline’ section.
  4. Tap the ‘Import’ and choose the downloaded .mtz file.
  5. Enjoy the theme.

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