Download HTC U11 Ringtones, Notification and Alarm Tones

HTC recently announced their flagship phone, the HTC U11. The phone has already generated some positive reactions among the fans and critics alike. Apart from being rated as having the best camera on any smartphone ever, the main attraction of the device is that it is squeezy! Yeah, that’s right, you squeeze the device to get things done! We recently presented you the stock wallpapers from HTC U11 and today we have all the HTC U11 Ringtones, Notification tones, Alarm tones and UI Sounds for you. Do note that these are the stock ringtones taken straight from the HTC U11.

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All the Ringtones, Notification tones and Alarm in this post are compatible with all the Android devices. The ringtone setup guide is available at the end of the post.

What the package offers

  • Ringtones: 20
  • Notification tones: 23
  • Alarm tones: 17

All the files are in FLAC file format and are completely compatible with all Android phones.

Download HTC U Ultra Ringtones, Notification tones and Alarm tones:

Please click below to download all the Ringtones, Notification tones and Alarm tones in a single click:

HTC U11 Stock Ringtones

How to Setup/Use HTC U11 Ringtones on your device:

Method 1: When you extract the zip file that you downloaded from above, you will get a folder named ‘media’. Copy this folder to your phone’s internal storage. Most phones would recognize the ringtones from this folder and automatically list them in your phone’s ringtone picker.

Method 2: If the above method does not work for you, don’t worry. There an easy alternative way. Just download one of the million Ringtone apps from Google Play store and you can set these ringtones from there. I recommend ‘Ringtone Maker’. Click below to download the same:

Once you have downloaded the app.

  1. Open the app. All the mp3 files will be listed here.
  2. Search for the ringtone.
  3. Tap on the menu icon and choose ‘Make default Ringtone’ or ‘Make default notification’ or ‘Make default alarm’, depending on what you want to do.

Now you’re all set. Enjoy the fresh new HTC U11 ringtones!

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