Download ColorOS 6 Stock Wallpapers

Download the complete collection of ColorOS 6 Stock Wallpapers. All the wallpapers are of 1080 x 2340 Full HD Plus Resolution. Read ahead to download ColorOS 6 Wallpapers in high resolution. One of the many reasons why Android became so popular is because of the fact that it is open source. You can take it and customize it the way you want. You can change the look and feel, you can add functionalities, you can remove functionalities from it; all the freedom in the world! This opened a world of possibilities for the Android OEMs. Everyone added their own set of features to gain an advantage in the competitive market. Most of the manufacturers also added their own skin on top of the vanilla Android. One such skin is the ColorOS, by OPPO. Color OS mimics iOS very closely. In this article, we are bringing you the latest ColorOS 6 Wallpapers for you to download.

ColorOS 6 Wallpapers Collection

ColorOS 6 comes with a total of 15 preloaded official stock wallpapers. All the wallpapers are of 1080 x 2340 Pixels Full HD Plus Resolution. Given the decent resolution of the wallpapers, they will look good on all the smartphones except a few flagship smartphones that come with Quad HD Display. Here’s the preview of the new ColorOS 6 Wallpapers:
Note: These are low-quality previews of the actual wallpapers. The wallpapers in full resolution are in the downloads section below.

Download ColorOS 6 Wallpapers

You can download the complete collection of ColorOS 6 Stock Wallpapers by clicking below: Download ColorOS 6 Wallpapers So, there you have it. The complete collection of ColorOS 6 Stock Wallpapers!

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