How To Copy Files From Computer To Android Using ADB

ADB File copy may come in handy when you are in a tricky situation. In this guide, we will tell you how you can copy files from your computer to your Android device via ADB Push.

Whenever someone wants to copy files from/to their computer to/from their Android device, they can simply connect their device to the computer via USB cable and make use of the MTP Mode. It is just a tap away and opens the Android smartphone storage in the computer. So easy. You can even copy large number/huge files in a matter of few minutes, effortlessly.


But what if, there comes a situation where you cannot access MTP mode but need to copy a file from your PC to Android? You can simply do so by using the ADB Push Command.

Okay, Where Am I Gonna Need This?

Good question. Let us take this scenario: You are in the process of flashing custom ROMs on your Android device and one of the steps require you to fully wipe the device before proceeding. In that case, you will be left with an empty device with no ROM zip file on your device to be able to flash it. This is where ADB comes in to play.

You could simply push a file from your computer to your Android smartphone by using a simple ADB command. Of course, your Android device needs to be connected to your computer via USB cable.


The only requirement is that you need to have a proper ADB setup on your computer.

  • Download and Setup ADB and Fastboot

Using ADB Push to Copy a File to Android

  1. Connect your Android device to your PC via USB Cable.
  2. Go to the folder where ADB and Fastboot are installed on your PC.
  3. Now, hold down the Shift Key + Right Click > Open Command Window here. In newer Windows version it will called PowershellYou could use that as well.ADB-Fastboot-Open-Command-Window
  4. Execute the following ADB command on to copy a file from computer to Android:
    adb push <local file> <remote location>

    <local file> – Full path of the local file on your computer. For example: C:ThemeFoxxTestFile.txt
    <remote location> – Path on your Android where you want to place the file. For example: /sdcard/TFX/

  5. Done!

Wait for the file to be completely transferred to your device. One thing to be noted here is that you can even create a new destination file directory and copy the file there. For instance, let us say you want to put the file in /sdcard/TFX folder on your Android but it doesn’t exist at the moment. You need not have to separately create the folder. You can simply go ahead and mention that path and the folder will automatically be created for you!

Tip: Please note that, if you are using the above method while your phone is switched on and normal, you need to have the USB Debugging option enabled on your device. But, when you are on TWRP, you can simply go ahead and use this method without any changes to your Android device.

This is the easiest way to quickly copy files from PC to Android via ABD Push command.

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  1. Thanks ! I couldn’t transfer ROM-files from under MTP-mode recovery, ( write protected i think ) but this method was very helpful in my situation

  2. im in a bad situation. i updated my custom rom (pixel experience) and now when my phone boots up i see a black screen. I re-flashed it but same results. so i re intalled it on my pc and with this method i moved it to my phone, but when i try to flash it, it says that the file is corrupted. can someone help me? did I do something wrong?


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