Download Pixel 2 Camera with Motion Photo Support and Face Retouching

Download the Google Pixel 2 Camera APK, with Motion Photos and Face Retouching features, which can be installed on the Original Pixel and Pixel 2 phones. Ever since the debut of the original Google Pixel phones, they have been taking up the top spots in the smartphone camera ratings. Following the legacy that the original Pixel phones left behind, now the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL are rated the best smartphone cameras on any smartphone at the moment. During the Pixel 2 announcement, Google spent a considerable amount in talking about the camera on the new phones. The phone would be able to take photos with bokeh effect on both front and back camera, without an extra camera sensor which we see in most of the flagship phones these days. The Pixel 2 Camera uses machine learning to take beautiful photos with bokeh effect. There are also two new features: Motion Photos and Face Retouching. Today, we are bringing you the Google Pixel 2 Camera APKs which can be installed on Original Pixel phones.

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Google Pixel 2 Camera

As we already stated above, apart from taking beautiful photos with bokeh effect, there are also two new features called Motion photos and Face Retouching. Face Retouching is sort of like beauty mode which we have seen in the Samsung phones. Face Retouching uses machine learning to remove blemishes from photos. According to XDA Developers, Motion Photos are short (~3 seconds) video clips that are taken immediately before and after you hit the capture button. They’re not very high-quality videos (1024×768 MP4 clips paired with the original JPEG according to AndroidPolice) but they’re pretty good at helping you to make your experiences more “alive.”

Download Pixel 2 Camera APK

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You can download the Google Pixel 2 Camera APK by clicking below:

Download Camera

Install Google Pixel 2 Camera APK

Please note that this camera apk can only be installed on the original Pixel Phones and not on phones from other manufacturers. If you own one of the original Pixel phones, install the camera by simply tapping on the APK file.

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