Download MIUI 9 Icon Pack APK for All Devices

Download and Install MIUI 9 Icon Pack APK on All Android devices. MIUI 9 Icon Pack is now available for download. You can install it on any Android device and get the authentic MIUI 9 look on your device.

MIUI is probably the most customizable Android skins out there. MIUI is also one of the first Android skins to offer end-to-end customization on Android devices. Almost every aspect of the UI can be customized. Starting from Lockscreen, Homescreen, Icon Pack, Wallpaper, Notification Panel to Quick Settings panel, everything can be customized. MIUI 9 is the latest version of the popular Android Skin and it is more colorful than ever. Xiaomi has completely revamped the look and feel of MIUI and the result is MIUI 9. One of the changes of the MIUI 9 is the colorful icons. Today, we have the MIUI Icon Pack APK available for download for all Android devices.


MIUI 9 Icon Pack

Compared to the latest version of MIUI, the MIUI 8, MIUI 9 comes with a collection of completely revamped icons. In the previous version of MIUI, the icons had a standard ‘Squircle’ form factor. Only the color and design of the icons were changed. But, with MIUI 9, the form factor does not remain same. Each icon has their own individual unique design.

Here’s a sample screenshot of what the icon pack offers:


Download MIUI 9 Icon Pack for All Devices

You can download the MIUI 9 Icon Pack for all devices directly from Google Play Store by clicking below:

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