Download Google Pixel 2 Font for All Devices

A detailed step by step guide on where to download and how to install Google Pixel 2 Font [Google Product Sans] on Any Android Device! Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL are the latest and greatest Google has to offer at the moment. The phones come with an all-new camera which has been rated as the best camera on a smartphone by DxOMark, again. Apart from the screen size and the battery, there is almost nothing different between the two phones. They have the same camera sensor, same processor, same amount of RAM Memory – pretty much everything is the same.

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pixel 2 font all devices 1 • Download Google Pixel 2 Font for All Devices

While there were a lot of under the hood changes that came with the Android Oreo that shipped with Google Pixel 2 duo, there is one thing that most people failed to notice – the Font. Yes, the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 2 XL ship with an all-new font called Google Product Sans. All credits go to the developer sharkcpN.

Google Product Sans: The Android Oreo/Pixel 2 Font

Earlier versions of Android used to ship with Roboto and Roboto Sans. Often, manufacturers choose to use their own custom font on their Android Skins. For example, Samsung uses their own ‘SamsungOne’ font and OnePlus uses their own ‘OnePlus Slate’ font in their versions of the Android. Now, Pixel 2 being a product of Google, it ships with Google’s own font called ‘Google Product Sans’. The Google Product Sans font looks somewhat similar to the font which we see in the Google logo. Although, there have been reports that they are not exactly the same but are very similar to each other. Take a look at the below screenshots to see how good the font looks:

Download Google Pixel 2 Font

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There are different versions of the Pixel 2 Fonts available for different versions/manufacturers. Download the one that fits your needs. Installation instructions are in the next section.

  1. Generic TWRP Flashable:
  2. For Resurrection Remix ROM:
  3. Google Sans.mtz for MIUI: MIUI_GoogleSans.mtz
  4. MIUI TWRP Flashable:
  5. Pixel 2 Font for Lockscreen via Magisk/Substratum: Magisk Zip, Substratum Overlay APK
  6. Pixel TWRP Flashable:

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How to Install Pixel 2 Font on Your Device

For MIUI8 & MIUI9 with TWRP

  1. Download
  2. Boot into TWRP > Backup > Select System
  3. Install > Select and flash the zip > Reboot > System
  4. To revert back to original font, restore “system” using TWRP

For MIUI 8 and MIUI 9 Without TWRP

  1. Download MIUI_GoogleSans.mtz
  2. Install MIUI Theme Editor: 
    ChaoMe Theme Editor
    Price: Free
  3. Open Themes app > Themes > Import
  4. Go to Internal Storage > MIUI > Theme > Select GoogleSans.mtz
  5. Select the font from themes list and reboot to apply the font
  6. To revert back to original font, apply default theme and reboot
  7. You won’t be able to see bold, italics fonts due to a bug on MIUI
  8. Flashing the using TWRP will fix this issue.

For Stock/LineageOS/AOSP based ROM [TWRP]

  1. Download (AOSP/LOS/Stock based ROM)
  2. Download (Resurrection Remix ROM)
  3. Download (Pixel Devices)
  4. Boot into TWRP > Backup > Select System
  5. Install > Select and flash the zip > Reboot > System
  6. To revert back to original font, restore “system” using TWRP (recommended) or flash
  7. Facing boxed font on lockscreen? Flash this zip by gianton.

Lockscreen Font only using Magisk Manager and Substratum

  1. This will just change the font on your lockscreen, and not your system font. (Do not flash TWRP font zip if using this method)
  2. Your ROM should support OMS, if its Legacy the SystemUI might crash or phone might bootloop.
  3. Flash the module using TWRP > Reboot > System.
  4. Install Substratum Theme Engine: 
  5. Install Pixel+2+Lockscreen+Clock_1.1.apk substratum theme.
  6. Open Substratum and select the theme and your Android Version.
  7. Apply the overlay. Reboot phone if prompted.
  8. If your phone bootloops or system UI crashes, flash the rescue package from Internal storage > Substratum folder using TWRP.

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