How to load Google Camera Port XML Config File?

Google’s Pixel devices are known for taking amazing pictures and most of the magic happens in the Google Camera app – the software part. And because of this reason, Google Camera App has been ported to multiple Android devices. In most cases, Google camera almost always outperforms the stock camera app that comes pre-installed with the device.

What is Google Camera XML Config File?

When the developers port the Google camera to other devices, they save the best possible settings for that particular device as an XML file. So, when a user downloads the Google camera app for that particular device, instead of tweaking a billion settings in the app to make it work properly, they can simply import the settings using the XML file.


How to import the XML config file into Google Camera App?

Step 1: You need to manually create a folder on your device. You can use any file manager to do this.

  • For GCam 7.x: /GCam/Configs7/
  • For GCam 6.x: /GCam/Configs/

The top-level folder, /GCam/, must be created on the same level as the DCIM, Downloads, etc, folders. Simply put, it should be created on your internal storage – outside of all the folders. The below picture should give you an idea.

Image: celsoazevedo

Step 2: Move the config file you have downloaded inside the /configs7/ or /configs/ folder.

Step 3: Open Google Camera > double tap on the area around the capture button > select the config file > click on ‘restore‘.

Sometimes, you might have to do this twice. If the Google Camera app restarts, that means the configs have been successfully loaded.

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