Galaxy S9 Themes: Download 100+ Free Galaxy S9 Themes

You can now download and install over 100 free Galaxy S9 themes. You don’t even need an extra app such as substratum or Andromeda to install these themes. Read how you can instantly download and install 100+ Galaxy S9 themes for free.

Themes are one of the unique things about the Android operating system. Almost no other mobile operating system offers the flexibility that Android does. We, the Android users, like to have a little control over what our devices look and feel. If you are an Android user, you already have quite a bit of control over how your device looks and feels. This is one of the greatest things about Android, every device is unique.

Free Galaxy S9 Themes • Galaxy S9 Themes: Download 100+ Free Galaxy S9 Themes

A lot of manufacturers are now offering support for native themes on their version of Android (Android Skins?) and Samsung is the latest addition to that list, thankfully. Starting from Galaxy S6, Samsung has built-in theme engine which lets the users download and install themes from the Samsung Theme Store. In this guide, we will tell you how you can download and install 100+ Galaxy S9 themes for free.

Free Galaxy S9 Themes

Now you can make download hundreds of Galaxy S9 themes for free!

Starting from the Galaxy S6, Samsung has started offering support for native themes on Samsung Galaxy devices. This happened when Samsung made the transition from TouchWiz to Samsung Experience. Since then, the Samsung Theme Engine and Samsung Theme Store has improved a lot and have come a long way! The Samsung Theme Engine in the recent Samsung Galaxy smartphones is really impressive! You can not only change the wallpapers and ringtones but the entire look and feel of the user interface can be customized to your will.

The inbuilt Theme Store in the Galaxy S9 has tons of great themes. The problem with the Samsung Themes Store is that there are just as many paid Themes as the free themes. Visit our collection of best Galaxy S9 Themes by clicking below:

All that said, what to do if none of the themes that are present in the Samsung theme store doesn’t feel good enough for you? What if the theme you like is paid and expensive? What if none of the themes appeal to you? Well, guess what, Samsung Theme Store is not the only place where you can download Free Galaxy S9 Themes.

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Download and Install Free Galaxy S9 Themes

Follow the below guide to download free Galaxy S9 themes:

  1. Download and install an app called ‘theme Galaxy‘ from Google Play Store by clicking below: 
  2. Once you have installed the above app, you will get two new icons in the app drawer:
    1. themeGalaxy – This is to create new S9 themes. Read the guide here. We can ignore this for this tutorial.
    2. Themes – This is the one we are going to use.
  3. Open the Themes app. You will be presented with the list of themes available for download. There are two sections. Shared and Top 50. You can download any of the themes in any of these two sections for free.
  4. Tap on the theme which you like, and tap on the green import button on the top right corner.Free-Galaxy-S9-Themes
  5. The themeGalaxy app will now open.

    Keep clicking next on the next three screens. You need not have to make any changes!

  6. You will be asked to give a name for the themes. Name it as you wish and tap on Build.
  7. Once the theme is built, you will automatically get a pop-up to install the theme. Click on install.
  8. Once the theme is installed, go to Settings > Wallpapers and themes.Galaxy-S9-Themes-Make-Own-S9-Themes
  9. Tap on the Themes Section. You will find the theme you made, listed here.
  10. Tap on your custom made Galaxy S9 Theme. Tap on FREE TRIAL.

    Note: You can use this theme forever; it’s NOT a TRIAL. The ‘theme Galaxy’ app will take care of it in the background!

  11. Once you tap on FREE TRAIL, the theme will be automatically applied to your Galaxy S9/S9 Plus!
  12. Done!

You have successfully installed your custom theme on Galaxy S9! There are no limits as to how many themes you can download from the Themes app. You can even make your own Galaxy S9 Themes with this app! This is the easiest way to download free Galaxy S9 Themes!

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