Download Galaxy S9 Theme for All Android Devices

Get the Galaxy S9 theme on any Android device with Galaxy S9 Substratum Theme. The Samsung Galaxy S9 comes with a new and improved Samsung Experience UI. In this guide, you can download Galaxy S9 Substratum theme and get the Galaxy S9 look and feel on your Android.

Samsung took the wraps off their latest flagship devices, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus, just a couple of days ago. Though the Samsung Galaxy S9 does not come with new mind-blowing features, it does have a few tricks up its sleeve. The new AR Emojis, improved camera experience, and the new Samsung Experience UI are some of the notable features. As far as design is concerned, Samsung Galaxy S9 does not come with a completely new look. Rather, it polishes and improves the already tried and tested Galaxy Note 8 design. In this article, we will tell you how to get Galaxy S9 Theme on any Android device.

Galaxy S9 Theme All Android • Download Galaxy S9 Theme for All Android Devices

Galaxy S9 Substratum Theme

The Galaxy S9’s Samsung Experience is nothing like its predecessor, the ‘TouchWiz’. Samsung Experience got rid of the good old Teal blue color and replaced it with a white background, accented by sky blue color. And, you can install themes on it too! There are hundreds of beautiful themes available in the Samsung Theme Store which are free to install. Of course, there are some cool paid themes are well.

Today, we are bringing you Galaxy S9 theme which can be installed on any Android device with Substratum Installed. As all the Android devices are getting updated to Android Oreo, you won’t even need root to install this theme. No Oreo? No worries! You can still install Substratum on rooted Android devices by granting root permission to the Substratum App! Here are a few screenshots of the Galaxy S9 Substratum Theme:

Download Galaxy S9 Theme for All Android

You can download the Galaxy S9 Substratum Theme from Google Play Store by clicking below:

How to Install/Apply Galaxy S9 Substratum Theme

  1. To apply the theme you downloaded above, you will need to install Substratum on your Android device.
  2. If your device is not yet updated to Android Oreo and you have a rooted device, download the Substratum app from Google Play Store by Clicking below and grant root permission to it: 
  3. Open the Substratum app, find the downloaded Galaxy S9 theme and apply!
  4. Done!

Note – If you are on Android Oreo and have installed Substratum installed without root, you may need to re-apply the theme everytime you restart your device. Enjoy the Galaxy S9 Theme on your device! This is the easiest way to get Galaxy S9 theme on any Android device.

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