Download EMUI 9 Themes for EMUI 5 and EMUI 8 Devices

EMUI 9 Themes for EMUI 8 and EMUI 5 devices are now available for download. All EMUI 9 Stock Themes are stunning and of high quality. Download the complete collection of EMUI 9 Themes which can be installed on an any Huawei or Honor device running EMUI.

EMUI 9 is the latest iteration of Huawei infamous Android skin. EMUI ships natively with devices made by manufacturers like Huawei and Honor. Huawei is one of the very first manufacturers to adopt this trend of applying heavy customized skin on top of vanilla Android. It is a known fact that Huawei skins are not very well received by the users outside of China. Huawei says that they want to make it easier for the people who are switching from an iPhone and that is one of the reasons why EMUI resembles the iOS very, very much.


Even though Huawei makes some very good devices with excellent build quality and good hardware specs, the user experience is often brought down by the UI. But, Huawei is making progress in that area. They are continuously refining the UI and design of the EMUI. With that being said, we now have the full collection of EMUI 9 themes for download. Read ahead to know more and download all the EMUI 9 Stock Themes.

EMUI 9 Stock Themes

The EMUI 9 comes with a total of 10 Preloaded stock themes. All the themes are extremely colorful and very well made; after all, they are specially designed for Huawei flagship smartphone! Below are the themes that come pre-installed with the EMUI 9:

Huawei Honor Mate 20 Themes List
  1. Atlas.hwt
  2. CherryGold.hwt
  3. CrystalPurple.hwt
  4. GlamourGalaxy.hwt
  5. GlamourNebula.hwt
  6. MagicSand.hwt
  7. Modern S.hwt
  8. Play.hwt
  9. Tale.hwt
  10. Youth Fun.hwt

Below are a few screenshots of the themes in action:







Modern S.hwt



Youth Fun.hwt

Download EMUI 9 Themes

You can download the complete collection of EMUI 9 Themes Themes for all EMUI devices by clicking below:

Note: To make it easier for downloads, we have segregated the downloads into two zip files. Each Zip has 5 themes.

Install EMUI 9 Themes on EMUI Devices

Follow the below steps carefully:

  1. Copy The <<Theme_Name>>.Hwt files to the “HWthemes” folder in SD Card/Internal memory.
  2. Open the Themes App on your Huawei phone.
  3. Go to ‘Me’ > ‘My Themes’ section.
  4. Browse the theme you like and then click Apply.

Those were all the EMUI 9 Themes. Download them and try them on your Huawei/Honor device running EMUI. Do let us know if you run into any issues!

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  1. After copying file from downloads to HWTheme sd card the emui 9 themes are not available in offline theme section ??


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