Download Samsung Galaxy S8 Icon Pack APK for All Devices

Recently, we published a guide in how to download and install Galaxy S8 Launcher APK on any Samsung Device running Android Nougat. Many of our users came back to use enquiring about the icons. Because, when you install the launcher, you only get the launcher and its features; not the icons. But thankfully, there is way to get the icons too!

All the Galaxy S8 Stuff
download samsung galaxy s8 iconpack for all devices 1 • Download Samsung Galaxy S8 Icon Pack APK for All Devices

Below are some of the best Galaxy S8 Stuff that can be used on ANY Android device:

Galaxy S8 Icon Pack | Screenshots

Below are a few screenshots of the icons in action:

Download Galaxy S8 Icon Pavk

For All Devices:

Download the exclusive Samsung Galaxy S8 Icon Pack from the below link. You can download the APK file from below:

The above APK can be installed on any Android device and can be applied from any 3rd party launchers.

To use the above icons in TouchWiz launcher, download Galaxy Themer from Google Play Store. Link below:

For Samsung Devices Only:

This section contains step by step instructions to get S8 icons on Samsung devices. These steps are exclusive to Samsung devices only.

If you are using a samsung phone and want Galaxy S8 icons on the TouchWiz launcher, follow the below guide.

Download the Galaxy S8 Icon Pack by clicking below:

Samsung Galaxy S8 Icon Pack for Samsung | 1.2 MB

  1. Once you have downloaded the above APK file: Open your favorite file manager and navigate to the downloaded file and install it as normal APK.
  2. After installation, go to Settings > Themes and the icon pack you just installed should show up under My Themes.
  3. Simply select it and apply to your device.

If you have noticed, the above icon pack would have installed as a trial (blame Samsung for their restrictions). But fortunately, if you have root, you can easily convert it into full version. Follow the below guide:

Convert Trial to Full Version:

If you are rooted, you can remove trial with this method:

1. Apply the theme.
2. Go to /data/overlays/jsonfiles/appiconfiles/trialjson
3. MOVE (DO NOT COPY) XXX.json to the folder “userjson”
4. Go back to /data/overlays and delet the folder “preferences”
5. Reboot
6. Done

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