Download Samsung Galaxy S8 Google Search Widget For All Devices

It has been a crazy day for us here at ThemeFoxx. We have been working round the clock to get all the latest content related to the ultra-hot yet to be released Samsung Galaxy S8. We have tutorials/guides/downloads for Galaxy S8 Stock Wallpapers, Galaxy S8 Weather Widget, Galaxy S8 Icon Pack, and Galaxy S8 Launcher so far. To complete the look here’s one more: Samsung Galaxy S8 Google Search Widget, thanks to the very talented XDA Forum member CJSnet.

All the Galaxy S8 Stuff
download samsung galaxy s8 google search widget for all devices • Download Samsung Galaxy S8 Google Search Widget For All Devices

Below are some of the best Galaxy S8 Stuff that can be used on ANY Android device:

Samsung Galaxy S8 Google Search Widget

Below is a screenshot of what we will get out this amazing little widget:


Download Samsung Galaxy S8 Google Search Widget:

First, you have to download the below Galaxy S8 Google Search Widget file. It’s not an APK file. It’s a .zw file (Zooper Widget File- if you don’t know what ‘Zooper Widget’ is, don’t worry, i’ll tell you everything in detail). Click below to download:

Download Zooper Widget:

You need the Zooper Widget to make get the Galaxy S8 Weather Widget on you Device. Download Zooper Widget by clicking below:

Zooper Widget
Price: Free

There is also a pro version of the app on Google Play Store which you can download from below:

Zooper Widget Pro
Price: $2.99

Install Samsung Galaxy S8 Google Search Widget:

Assuming you have installed the Zooper Widget from Google Play Store and download the Galaxy S8 Search Widget file, follow the below steps:

If you are facing any issue with importing the downloaded file (.zw file), please use Solid Explorer. You can find it on Google Play Store.

    1. Extract the downloaded zip file to get a .zw file.
    2. Place the Galaxy S8 Search Widget file (the .zw file) in your device’s internal storage.
    3. Open you favorite file manager app and navigate to the file and tap on it.
    4. You will be asked to choose the app with which you want to open the file. SOLID EXPLORER highly recommended. Choose ‘Zooper Widgets’ from the list.
    5. Now you will see the below screen, tap on ‘Import’ to import the widget template to Zooper Widget app.
    6. Now go to your screen and long press on it and tap on ‘Widgets’. download-samsung-galaxy-s8-widget-all-devices-themefoxx
    7. You will be shown all the available widgets on your device. Scroll all the way down until you see ‘Zooper Widgets’.download-samsung-galaxy-s8-widget-all-devices-themefoxx
    8. Select any widget size you like as you can easily resize the
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8. Tap on hold it and place it on you home screen. You will be in below screen now:download-samsung-galaxy-s8-widget-all-devices-themefoxx

9. Tap on ‘resize or tap to start’. You will be taken to below screen. Choose ‘SD Card’ from the The widget you imported earlier will be displayed. Tap on the same to select it.

11.Your widget will be displayed and you can resize it to fit your

Voila, now you have Galaxy S8 Google Search Widget on your device!

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