Download Nokia Launcher for All Android Devices

Download and install Nokia Launcher on any Android device. Nokia was one of the biggest phone manufacturers back in the days. Nokia phones were all the craze. I still remember rocking my Xpress Music phone running Symbian 60 OS. But everything went south for Nokia when it comes to Smartphones. When all the manufacturers chose Android, Nokia chose Windows Phone and that ended up costing them everything. Now, after a long gap, Nokia is back and they seem to have learned their lessons. Yes, they are making phones with stock Android! And what more, they even have a launcher available for download on Google Play Store. Read ahead to know more and download Nokia Launcher for all Android devices.

Nokia Launcher for All Devices

Below are a few screenshots of the Nokia Launcher in action:


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Download Nokia Launcher for All Devices

You can download the Nokia launcher by clicking below:

Z Launcher Beta
Price: Free

If you are still wondering how the launcher would look and feel like, check out the below video:

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