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Have you ever particularly listened to the iPhone Ringtones? Notice how I used the word ‘listened’ instead of the word ‘heard’? Yes, if you have ever carefully listened to the ringtones in iPhones you would know that they are very, very simple. Minimal. A certain simple pattern will keep repeating in loop.  As with everything else with iOS, even their ringtones are simple. Today I will tell you how to download iPhone ringtones and use it on your Android device.

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Being a fan of minimalism myself, I have always loved iPhone Ringtones. When I started out in Android, all the way back in 2011, I tried searching for iPhone Ringtones on the web but often in would fail finding any. But thankfully there are now apps for that too! You don’t have to go ghost hunting on Google to download just one ringtone that you really like. Just download an app and it has all the ringtones. But many people don’t know about these apps, pity!

Download iPhone Ringtones:

To get your hands on the latest iPhone Ringtones, download the below app from the Playstore.

Features and Screenshots:

Unlike some other apps in Play Store, the ringtones in this app are nicely categorized as ‘Ringtones’ and ‘Alert’, where the Alert section contains the notification times separately.

There is also an option to bookmark your favorite tones in a separate tab!

Let us know if you have found the ringtone you were looking for or if you didn’t. Comments your thoughts below!

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