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You can now enjoy Google Phone APK on any Android device and you do not need root. The official Google dialer has been patched and ported to work on all Android device. The latest Google Dialer comes with Bubble Support as well. Get the latest Google Dialer APK now!

Have you ever noticed how fast stock Android is? All the apps are so blazing fast. The entire experience is smooth when compared to other versions of Android from Samsung (TouchWiz) or Xiaomi (MIUI). The reason is that Stock Android is what Google intended Android to be. Manufacturers get the Android from Google and add many features (some are good and some are unnecessary) to it before shipping it to customers. The customization comes at a cost of performance. The phone eventually becomes slow. Have you ever noticed how slow the Phone App in older Samsung devices is? Oh. My. God! Fortunately, Google Dialer (Google Phone App) APK is available for all devices now. Root is not needed!


Download Google Phone APK

You can download the Google Dialer APK by clicking below:

Credits: Martin.077

How to Install Google Dialer

  1. If you have already installed Google Dialer from some other source.
  2. Go to the downloaded file. Tap on it to install it as normal APK.
  3. Give Permission to Google Dialer in Android Settings. Go to Settings > search for ‘Modify System Settings’ through search > tap on it > Choose ‘Phone’ > enable ‘Allow modify system settings’. Refer screenshot below for help.
  4. Set Google Dialer as default calling app in Android settings. Go to Settings > Apps > Click on the setting icon in the top right corner > Default Apps > Phone App > Choose ‘Phone’. Refer screenshot below for help:
  5. Disable the dialer/phone app that came with your phone.

Google Dialer Features:

Below are some of the app features:

This app has been tested on OnePlus 3 running Oxygen OS Beta 12 (Android Nougat 7.1.1) and works fine.

More Google Stuff for all phones:

If you have any problem with getting this to work, drop a comment below. We’d be happy to help!


22 thoughts on “Google Dialer (Phone) App APK | Download”

  1. Keep getting an error message that reads “Cannot call without permissions” even though I have given it as many permissions possible.

  2. I have tried the modified versions of Google Dialer before and this one has the same issue as the previous ones. The call log/call history does not show up.

    I am using a Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. Note that I am able to use the dialer as default calling application without issue

  3. Why the color of calling screen is not blue but green and there is no call recording (Iam using redmi note 4x)

  4. Hiiii, I’m using Moto G5s plus with Oreo. I’d really love to have my nougat dialler back, what should I do ???

  5. Thanks. This worked perfectly. Nearly tearing our hair out but all good now. Appreciate the help.

  6. Looks and works great on a OnePlus 6, except for the voicemail tab. Visual voicemail doesn’t work, but I do get a notification I have a voicemail…

  7. Works just fine on my Nougat device, except for one major problem. When a call comes in while phone is locked, there is no ringtone sound or vibration. If a call comes in while phone is unlocked, it rings and vibrates just fine. I had the stock phone app disabled and this one set as the default phone app. I even installed it as a system app, but the issue persists. I missed calls because of this issue and only knew about the missed calls after unlocking the phone. I had to re-enable the stock dialer and revert to it as the default phone app. As at now, it’s not worth the trouble considering my stock dialer has inbuilt call recording while this one doesn’t.


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