Download Galaxy S8 Theme for EMUI 5.X and 4.X Devices

Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ were released just a few days ago and I won’t be wrong if I said that the phones completely stole the show. The phone duo has impressed the fans and reviewers alike. The phone comes with a stunning AMOLED Display which the DisplayMate dubs ‘The best display on a smartphone’. Even though the phone has not shipped, almost everything you need to make your phone look and feel like Galaxy S8 is already available. Now, we have the Galaxy S8 theme for Huawei Devices running EMUI as well, all credits go to the developer. Read along to read about and download Galaxy S8 theme for EMUI 5.X and 4.X Devices.

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download galaxy s8 theme for emui 4 5 • Download Galaxy S8 Theme for EMUI 5.X and 4.X Devices


Below are a few screenshots of the theme in action. It looks absolutely gorgeous.

Galaxy S8 Clock:

Before downloading the theme, you might want to download the Galaxy S8 for your Huawei Device. Fortunately, we have a method by which you can install Galaxy S8 Clock on ANY Android Device. Check the below link to get the same:

Get Galaxy S8 Clock

Download Galaxy S8 Theme for EMUI 5.X and 4.X Devices:

There are two files available for download. One for the EMUI 5.X devices and the other for EMUI 4.X devices. Download accordingly:

For EMUI 4.X Devices:

For EMUI 5.X Devices:

How to install/Apply:

  • Copy The <<Theme_Name>>.Hwt file to the “HWtheme” folder in SD Card/Internal memory.
  • Open the Theme App on your Huawei phone.
  • Go to ‘Offline’ section.
  • Browse the theme you like and then click Apply.

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