Download Galaxy S8 Clock Widget for All Android Devices

Almost everything you need to make your device look like Samsung Galaxy S8 is available so far. Now, Samsung Galaxy S8 Clock Widget is also Available! The clock widget is super simple and looks very nice. Seems like Samsung has gone completely minimal with it’s software elements in it’s latest iteration of TouchWiz. The wallpaper, the weather widget, the clock widget – everything looks minimal. Make no mistake, they are absolutely gorgeous too! Read along to download the Samsung Galaxy S8 Clock Widget for (any) your Android Device.

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download samsung galaxy s8 clock widget apk all devices • Download Galaxy S8 Clock Widget for All Android Devices


Below are a few screenshots of the Galaxy S8 Clock Widget in Action:

Download Galaxy S8 Clock Widget:

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To get the Samsung Galaxy S8 Clock widget on your device, all you need is to install a simple app called ‘XWidget’. Please click below to download the same:

If you wish to download the app from Google Play Store, head on to the below link:

Price: Free

Install Galaxy S8 Clock Widget:

Follow the below instructions to get the Galaxy S8 Clock on your Android Device.

  1. If you have downloaded the app from Google Drive above, simply tap on the APK file to install it.
  2. Open the app.
  3. Now you will see ‘Galaxy S8 Weather Widget’ and ‘Galaxy S8 Clock Widget’ on the top. Just Tap on whatever one you want and tap ‘Download Widget’. The widget will be downloaded an can be found inside the ‘Local’ tab inside the app.
  4. Go back to your device’s homescreen. Long press on the empty space of your homescreen and add select ‘Widget’. Choose Xwidget 3×3 from the  lost that appears. (You can choose any size you want. The widget is completely resizable. I used 3×3.)
  5. Place in on the homescreen. You will be asked to choose the widget from the list. Simply tap on the widget you downloaded earlier and Voila!

You now have the Galaxy S8 Clock Widget on your phone!

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    • I wish there was a way to install the widget without the app. But the thing is, the widget is one of the templates of the XWidget app. It comes with many other widget templates. Kind of like Zooper. Download and try it once and you will know what I am talking about!

    • The new version of the app is, indeed, crap. Download the one attached with the post (DroidMirror link). Do not download from Play Store. We have provided an OLD VERSION of the app where you can freely install any widget you want.


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