Download Android P Launcher APK [Pixel 3 Launcher]

Android P Launcher has just been ported to work on other Android devices, thanks to the developer of Rootless Pixel Launcher paphon. Android P Launcher comes with a redesigned UI. Read ahead to know more and download Android P Launcher APK a.k.a. Pixel 3 Launcher APK.

Android P Developer Preview was announced last month and is available for download for a bunch of Pixel devices already. The tag ‘Developer Preview’ is enough to suggest that it is not yet good enough for public usage. But, according to the reports by users, the first Developer Preview is pretty solid.


Android P is turning out to be pretty exciting. After all, we are seeing a complete overhaul of the UI. A UI overhaul has been long overdue for Android and I am one of the users who was waiting for it to happen! Today, we are bringing you the Android P Launcher APK for download!

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Android P Launcher: Pixel 3 Launcher

It is a custom for Google to make slight changes to the Pixel Launcher whenever a new version of Android is released. And this version of Android, the Android P, is no different. With the entire Android UI getting a major overhaul, the Pixel Launcher too is getting some new visuals.

As you can see from the images above, there are any big UI changes, at least in this version of Android P Launcher. Almost all of the elements in the UI have rounded corners and that’s pretty much the only change I could identify. Maybe, in the future releases of the Android P, we might see more visual changes in the Pixel Launcher.

Download Android P Launcher

You can download the latest version of Android P Launcher APK by clicking below:

Install Android P Launcher APK

  1. Copy/move the download ‘Android-P-Launcher.apk‘ file to your phone.
  2. Open a file manager of your choice and navigate to the folder where you have copied the APK file.
  3. Simply tap on it and install the same. Note: You may be prompted to enable ‘Unknown sources’ if this is your first time installing an APK file.
  4. After installing, tap on the home button.
  5. When prompted, please select the Android P Launcher as default launcher.
  6. Done!

This is the easiest way to get Android P Launcher/Pixel 3 Launcher APK on any Android device. Let us know what you think about the launcher in the comments below!


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