Download Android O Stock Wallpapers here

What a day for Android enthusiasts. Google has announced Android O Developer Preview and it is already available for download for Google Pixel, Nexus 6P, Pixel C, and Nexus Player. Please note that this is not a part of the Android Beta program where you will get the latest build as an OTA update straight to your phone. Rather this is a Developer Preview build where you have to manually download and flash the package provided by Google if you want to taste the latest flavor of Android. But don’t worry, Beta builds will be up soon enough. Today, we have the Stock Wallpaper from the newly released Android O Developer Preview available for download.

Please note that Android O Developer Preview is still new and so far only one new Wallpaper has been leaked. This post will be updated as and when new leaks happen. Do come back for more.

download android o developer preview stock wallpapers here 1 • Download Android O Stock Wallpapers here

Download Android O Stock Wallpaper:

Single click downloads are available in the next section!

Unlike the previous versions of Android where we had an Abstract design as wallpaper, here we have a Deep Blue Space as wallpaper. The wallpaper is quite big (over 6MB).

To download the wallpaper in full resolution, please right click on the image and open the image in new tab and then save it to your device.


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Single Click Download:

Sometimes, large images don’t play well with the browsers and hence they don’t load pretty well. For our user’s convenience, we have compressed the image into a .rar file, which you can easily download and decompress on your device.  Click below to download the same:


Android O Developer Preview Wallpaper | 6.22 MB


As already stated, the Android O Developer Preview is still pretty young and there will be more wallpaper leaks in the upcoming weeks. Do check back for the latest updates.

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