18 Best Substratum Themes for Android [Free]

Here’s a collection of best substratum themes for you to download. If you have been looking for best free substratum themes and/or best paid substratum themes, then your search ends here!

We all love to customize our Android devices. And what better way to do it than applying new themes? To make your life easier, here is an exclusive collection of the best Substratum themes for Android devices.


In this article, you will find best free substatum themes along with some really beautiful best paid substatum themes as well

Substratum Themes

When Android was originally introduced, there were not much customization options apart from installing launchers and changing wallpapers. As time went by, Android evolved. The Android ecosystem grew big in size and so did the amazing Android community.

While some OEMs provide an option to change themes on Android devices out of the box, most do not. That is exactly where Substratum comes in to play. It is a stand-alone application which you can download from the Google Play Store to theme your device.

What is a Substratum Theme?

When CyanogenMod was around, we had CM Theme Engine (based T-Mobile Theme Chooser) which was doing a pretty great job. But then again, to use CM Theme Engine, you had to flash a custom ROM. There was always a void left in the Android theming space. And Substratum did a very good job filling that void. Today, we are bringing you the best substratum themes for Android devices.

Before going ahead to download the Substartum Themes, you should have the latest Substratum app installed on your device:

Best Substratum Themes

Substratum is a theme engine which can be installed on any Android device with OMS (Overlay Manager Service) support. Stock Android and most custom ROMs and even Samsung’s latest Samsung Experience support Substratum. If you have not already got substratum, then you should definitely give it a shot.

Without further waiting, here comes the list of best free substratum themes for Android.

If you hate reading then here’s a quick list of all the themes available on this article:

Theme Download Links
Twilight Night Lite Download/td>
Cool Clocks Download
Default Dark Theme for Substratum Download
Pi Dark [substratum] Download
aospUI Download
Christmas Substratum Theme Download
Ice Download
[Substratum/CMTE] Fontio Download
Coalfield Substratum Theme Download
[Substratum] Navigate Theme Download
Reverie Substratum Theme Download
[Substratum] Curve Download
Death Red for Substratum Download
Sai’s Oreo Theme Download
Flux – Substratum Theme Download
Nova UI Theme Download
Android Oreo theme Download
Pixel Theme Download

Twilight Night Lite

Given the fact that it is absolutely free of cost, Twilight Night Lite is one of the best (if not the best) themes for Substratum Theme Engine with dark colors. If you are a fan of blue color accents and dark mode, you would jump in joy when you install this theme on your Android device. The theme is flat and looks very modern! The theme if capable of theming even Google Play Store and YouTube as well!

Cool Clocks

Cool Clocks is a very unique substratum theme and it stands out from the crowd. This substratum theme entirely focuses on theming the clock widget that comes with your Android device. The widget will even change its color according to your accent. This theme supports widgets of Stock AOSP clock, Google clock, Oxygen OS clock and it is important to note here that it will only change the appearance of the Analog clock.

Default Dark Theme for Substratum

Default Dark Substartun Theme is one of the best substratum themes out there right now. The theme applies to most of the system parts and there are also options for a variety of color settings. Available accent colors: Default teal; amber, blue, blue light, cyan, green (3 variants), lime, orange, pink, purple, red, white, yellow. Available background colors: Dark, darker, black. Available notification colors: Light, dark, black. What more? You can even get in touch with the developer if you want to add any specific color of your choice.

Pi Dark [substratum]

Pi Dark [substratum]
Price: Free

Pi Dark is another awesome substartum theme for the dark theme lovers. This theme is specifically designed for the Android 8.1 devices to give the Android 9.0 Pie UI look and feel. And because of this reason, this theme feels more modern than the other dark themes available on the Google Play Store.


If you like dark themes and have been waiting for an eternity for Google to introduce dark themes officially, then this theme is definitely for you. aospUI Gray theme brings the colors and UI that Google made for Android N second preview and the good thing is that it also extends the same color/UI to a few other apps as well. Thus, you would feel like using a system-wide dark mode.

Christmas Substratum Theme

Christmas Substratum theme is, obviously, a Christmas themed Substratum theme. But that does not mean you should not enjoy this theme at other times of the year. This is one of the very clean themes you can find on the Google Play Store.



[Substratum] Ice
Price: Free

Ice is a pure white theme with beautiful pastel accent colors and 28+ themed apps. If you are a fan of light themes, then this one is for you. You would see the blinding white color beautifully accented by the blue color everywhere.


[Substratum/CMTE] Fontio

Fontio is another cool substratum theme which focuses entirely on changing the fonts of your device. This theme takes advantage of the Substratum Theming functionality to change the fonts on your device at run time. It packages font files (TTF/OTF) at runtime within the app itself to provide one of the  packages required by the device to change the font.

Coalfield Substratum Theme

Coalfield is one of my personal favorites and I use it all the time. The theme is crafted to perfection and when you apply it on your device, it completely changes the entire look and feel of the device. If you are a fan of red and black, then you will instantly fall in love with this theme. This theme was originally made for the now-dead CM Theme Engine. Now the theme is finally available for Substratum users as well!

[Substratum] Navigate Theme

If you are looking for a way to spice up the navigation bar on your Android device, then there is no better option than this theme. The theme comes with tons of options. We are pretty sure that, with the Navigation Theme on your device, your navigation bar will never look boring again.

Reverie Substratum Theme

Reverie is a simple and lightweight Substratum theme which themes every single nook and corner of your device. The theme looks like a blend between Pixel UI and Stock Android UI. If you have been looking for a clean and simple substratum theme that does not touch the other individual apps, this one is for you. The black and blue UI is simply satisfying to look at!

[Substratum] Curve

[Substratum] Curve
Price: Free

Curve is a unique substratum theme which helps you enable rounded corner UI across the entire user interface of your device. The recent smartphone trend is that the corners are really rounded and if you still rocking an old device, not to worry, for Curve is here to save you!

Death Red for Substratum

If red and black is your thing, then Death Red is the go-to theme for you. The theme comes with a pure black background with bright red accent colors. This theme may not be for everyone but, we are pretty sure that there are a lot of takers for this theme. Hey, one does not simply get a 4.5-star rating on Google Play Store for nothing.

Sai’s Oreo Theme

Sai’s Oreo Themes is one of the most beautiful substratum themes available for Android at the moment. Note that this is a dark theme, perfect for those who have devices with AMOLED screens or those who just love black. On top of the dark theme, there are options to choose from a list of different accent colors.

Flux – Substratum Theme

I have been using the Flux Substratum themes since my early CM Theme Engine days. The theme looks absolutely stunning and very well crafted. The theme comes with custom icons and logos wherever needed. Flux works with Android nougat, oreo and pie, stock and custom roms. It also works great with OxygenOS 3/3T/5/5T/6/6T and amsung oreo 8.0, pie 9.0 devices too. You will not regret purchasing this beauty!

Nova UI Theme

Nova UI is a dark substratum themes that, apart from basic system theming, also themes a lot of others system apps and third party apps such as messaging, twitter, chrome etc. If you want to go all-in with theming your Android device, this is a good choice.


Android Oreo theme

While there are a lot of people out there who like the dark themes, there are still a lot more of us who truly adore the white themes. I mean, I literally thanked God when Google introduced material design with all the white goodness everywhere. So, if you are one of those guys who like the White UI more than the dark ones, then this theme would be a perfect fit for you. Every nook and corner of this theme is just flat out white and it looks absolutely gorgeous!

Pixel Theme

If you want to experience what the UI of Google Pixel phones look and feel like, then this is the one to go with. Apart from offering a Pixel UI blue accent, there are also a handful of other accent colors to choose from. The navigation bar is also themed which is a nice addition.

Those were our picks for the best Substratum themes. Mind you, all of these are absolutely free substratum themes. Download them all – try them – keep the ones that fit your needs/taste!

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