Best Galaxy S9 Themes: Top 5 Free S9 Themes

Looking for some nice Galaxy S9 Themes? Here’s a list of the best Galaxy S9 Themes available for download. What more, all of these are completely free Galaxy S9 themes! Your search for free Galaxy S9+ Themes ends here! Here’s an exclusive list of Best Galaxy S9+ Themes!

Samsung is the top Android OEM at the moment. It has been the case for as long as I can remember. From the first Galaxy phone to the Galaxy S9, Samsung has come a long way. Not only hardware but the software too has made some huge improvements. We all remember the “feature-rich” (read: bloatware) TouchWiz with its horrible teal colored layout. Sure, there were some die-hard fans for the UI, but most, like me, hated it.


Thankfully, Samsung has finally gotten rid of the TouchWiz UI and has replaced it with Samsung Experience. While Samsung Experience is no Stock Android, it is way better than TouchWiz and a few other OEM Skins, for that matter. Samsung Experience also has a built-in theme engine, so, you can change the look and feel of your Samsung device.

Best Galaxy S9 Themes

In this article, we are bringing you the top 5 best Galaxy S9+ Themes which you can download directly from Samsung Themes Store that comes built-in with the device. Samsung Themes provide a way to completely overhaul the look and feel of your device.

For example, even the notification shade and System UI can be easily themed by simply tapping a button. You need not have to install Substratum on Galaxy S9 to change the theme on your device.

Here are the best Galaxy S9 Themes.

1. Pixel Galaxy S9 Theme

If you love the stock Android look, this one is just for you. Perfectly mimic the Pixel phone UI on your Galaxy S9 with this theme. Everything, including the icons, status bar, notification shortcuts – almost everything is themed to match the Google Pixel look. This is one of the best Note 8 Themes available right now!

Download Pixel Theme

2. DARKEST Blueberry Galaxy S9 Theme

The DARKEST Blueberry is one of the best Galaxy S9 Themes available at the Samsung Theme Store. The theme uses pure black as its base for most of the things, which goes easy on the eyes. Almost every single aspect of the system is themed to dark. The icons in the Setting remain multicolored with a black background which is a pretty nice touch.

Download Darkest Blueberry Theme

3. PureAndroidUI Galaxy S9 Theme

The PureAndroidUI Galaxy S9 theme is just perfect for those who love the Stock Android look and feel. The theme does an impeccable job of mimicking the Stock Android. All the system apps are beautifully themed to give the Pure Android look and feel on your device. Even the icons of the system apps are themed to match the Stock Android. In short, this is the best Stock Android Galaxy S9 Theme!

Download PureAndroidUI Theme

4. The Secret of not playing Galaxy S9 Theme

The secret of not playing is yet another beautiful theme for those looking for a light theme. The icons that come with this theme look truly minimal which is great for those who love minimalism. Plus, all the system apps come with a light accent color and are not very heavily themed; again, minimalistic!

Download The Secret of Not Playing Theme

5. Flat TouchWiz Black Note 8 Theme

The Flat TouchWiz Black theme is my personal favorite. As the name says, the theme gives a flat look and feel throughout the UI. All the themeable resources are customized to give a black background which is perfect for Dark Theme lovers. It even comes with a pure black wallpaper. If you are looking to save battery, this is perhaps the theme you are looking for. You could probably call its the best Dark Galaxy S9 Theme!

Download Flat TouchWiz Balck Theme

Note that the links given above will only work from Samsung Galaxy devices with Theme Store installed. They won’t work on a desktop. If you liked any of the themes we have mentioned above and you have trouble downloading them from the provided link, simply head to the Samsung Themes section and search for them by the name; you should be able to download it from there.

All right, folks, these are Best Galaxy S9 Themes we had handpicked for you.

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  1. At least two of the links don’t work: Darkest Blueberry comes up in the Themes Store, but throws and error when you try download it.
    Flat TouchWiz Black says it’s not available yet.


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