Best Galaxy Note 8 Themes: 5 Free Dark Note 8 Themes

Looking for some Dark Note 8 Themes? Here’s a list of the best Galaxy Note 8 Themes for Dark lovers, available for download. What more, all of these are completely free note 8 themes! Your search for free Galaxy Note 8 Themes ends here! Here’s an exclusive list of Best Note 8 Themes!

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best smartphone money can buy right now. Given the bad dream episode of the Note 7, Samsung really went all-in this time to make the best smartphone they have ever made. Apart from top-notch hardware, Note 8 also packs a feature-rich software which really makes it stand apart from the crowd. Throw in the S-Pen, you have a complete package! Recent Samsung phones also come with native themes support.


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Samsung Themes is inbuilt in the latest version of Samsung Experience, the proprietary Android Skin from Samsung. If you love Dark Themes and if you own a Note 8, you are in for a treat today. In this article, we have listed the best Dark Note 8 Themes available for you to download.

Best Galaxy Note 8 Themes

There are two types of people when it comes to themes. Some people love bright themes and some people prefer Dark themes or Black Themes. Android KitKat had a dark System UI and when Android Lollipop was introduced, a lot of users were unhappy. Because Lollipop adapted white as the base theme for all the system elements.

Apart from going easy on the eyes, Dark Themes are also good for battery life. Since Galaxy Note 8 carries an AMOLED panel, black Note 8 themes really can save some battery, in case if you were wondering.

Here are the best Galaxy Note 8 Dark Themes.

1. Android O Black Note 8 Theme

If you are looking for a themes that is flat, minimal and dark, this one is for you. Simply uses balck and white in most of the place which makes it look really minimal. There are also nice blue accent colors at some place which look really nice.

Download Android O Black Theme

2. Black Onix Note 8 Theme

If you want the ‘Neon’ look on your Galaxy Note 8 but don’t want it to be too cartoonish, this one’s is a perfect theme. Most of the elements in the theme look illuminated, which makes this one stand apart from the crowd.

Download Black Onix Theme

3. Darkest Blueberry Note 8 Theme

The DARKEST Blueberry is one of the best Note 8 Themes available for download the moment. The theme uses pitch black as its base for most of the things. Almost every single aspect of the system is themed very nicely. The icons in the Setting remain multicolored which is a pretty nice touch.

Download Darkest Blueberry Theme

4. Flat TouchWiz Black Note 8 Theme

The Flat TouchWiz Black theme is my personal favorite. As the name says, the theme gives a flat look and feel throughout the Samsung Experience UI. What more, it’s a black/dark theme. That’s right, all the themeable resources are customized to give a black background which is perfect for Dark Theme lovers. It even comes with a pure black wallpaper. If you are looking to save battery, this is perhaps the theme you are looking for. You could probably call its the best Dark Note 8 Theme!

Download TouchWiz Black Theme

5. High Contrast Note 8 Theme

Another truly stunning Dark Note 8 Theme. This one use ‘yellow’ as the main accent color, although, the color of the icons on the settings look colorful rather than having the same yellow color, which is a nice addition.

Download High Contrast Theme

Galaxy Note 8 Themes

There a literally thousands of Galaxy Note 8 Themes available on the Samsung Theme Store. You can head to Settings > Wallpapers and themes where you can browse all the themes. Best-Note-8-Themes

If you liked any of the themes we have mentioned above and you have trouble downloading them from the provided link, simply head to the Samsung Themes section and search for them by the name; you should be able to download it from there.

So, there you have it – The Best Dark Note 8 Themes we had handpicked for you.

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