Download Always On Display APK for Any Samsung Nougat Device

Samsung is one of those manufacturers who has always believed in and has always used OLED displays. In fact, they are the manufacturers of best in class OLED panels and supply OLED panels which are used in many phones and most notably in the iPhone X. Well, there is no surprise there given that Samsung spends billions of dollars in R&D for OLED technology every year. Apart from delivering vibrant and stunning colors (some people like to call it ‘saturated’), there are even more advantages of using an OLED panel. For example, it delivers deeper blacks by not using the pixels which are supposed to deliver the color ‘black’. Samsung made use of this and introduced Always on Display on their phones in recent times.

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Samsung Always on Display

The Always on Display feature on Samsung devices displays the useful information which the user can check out without even having to unlock the phone. The date and time are always displayed so that if you want to check time, you can do it quickly without having to unlock your device. There are a lot of other useful information such as missed call info, new text messages and other notifications which can also be set to be displayed on the screen. Now, a very talented developer who goes by the name Sachin Kumar53 over at the XDA Forums who has developed an app which exactly mimics the Samsung Always on Display. Take a look the screenshots below:

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Download Always On Display for Samsung Devices

There are two files and you need both of them to get this working on your Samsung Nougat Device. You can download the Always on Display for All Samsung Devices by clicking below:

Download Always on Display Download Always on Display Plugin Service

Install Always On Display on Samsung Nougat Devices

Please note that this app supports only Android Nougat at the moment. Download and install the APK files just like any other normal APK file and you should be good to go.

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